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Villain Sophistication

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Villain Sophistication
Villainlicious is Villain Sophistication. We're not for your average villain fangirl. We go into depth of character to explore just exactly why, down to the detail, of what makes these villains squee-worthy. Hotness is always a factor, but there is so much more to these villains.

Currently, we're still under a bit of construction, but our aim is to become a place for Villain Worship of a sophisticated kind - from essays, to fanfiction, to graphics and whatever else we can come up with.

Please read the Community Rules and become familiar with our Cookie System, in order to rate Villains accordingly. We also have an Introduction entry for you all you become a little more familiar with our cozy little community of villainy.
aaron stampler, abarat, abruzzi, agent smith, albert wesker, alucard, american gothic, american psycho, angelus, anti-hero, antisocial personality disorder, apocalypse, battlestar gallactica, beauty and the beast, bellatrix, bender, brother justin crowe, caprica six, captain hook, carnage, carnivale, cartman, charmed, chris keller, christopher carrion, claudia, cole, dark side, darla, darth sideous, darth vader, devil, dexter, disney, doctor who, dominic deegan, dr. crane, dr. doom, emu, envy, ethan, evil, family guy, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, full metal alchemist, futurama, gaston, green goblin, grima wormtongue, hades, hannibal lecter, harley quinn, hellsing, heroes, humbert humbert, hyde, i lucifer, iago, inque, interview with the vampire, it, jacob, jafar, jareth the goblin king, jekyll, kingpin, labyrinth, legend, leoben, lestat, lex luthor, lezard, lolita, lost, lucas, lucifer, magneto, maleficent, management, mary poppins, medusa, merlin, merovingian, mizoguchi, mordred, mystique, number six, patrick bateman, poison ivy, primal fear, prison break, professor moriarty, psychopath, pyro, reaper, resident evil, returner, richard iii, sabretooth, saruman, satan, sauron, scar, se7en, seishiro, sephiroth, serenity, serial killer, sherlock holmes, siegfried, smallville, sociopath, south park, spiderman, spike, star wars, stewie, supernatural, sylar, t-bag, the crow, the dark crystal, the joker, the lord of darkness, the master, the operative, the others, the patriot, the rani, tokyo babylon, top dollar, tsubasa: reservoir chronicles, ursela, urskeks, venom, villain, villains, villainy, voldemort, william tavington, x-files, x-men, x/1999, yellow-eyed demon