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OMG, I made icons! I do not do this enough. It is so fun. Anyway, here they are! A bunch of these are of Dr. Herbert West, the protagonist of Lovecraft's Reanimator trilogy, a mad scientist who likes to spend his time raiding the local morgue for spare parts and injecting them with a glowing green serum that brings them back to life. He is not overfond of women, and you cannot trust him near your pets.
Most of these, though, are of Weyoun, a Star Trek baddie played by the same delicious actor, Jeffrey Combs. Weyoun is much more pleasant, in fact, a delight to socialize with, but you should know, he is eventually going to conquer your entire galaxy on behalf of the Dominion.
These are two of my favorite villians, and I'm quite passionate about quite a lot of villains. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: There's some gore. Also, theoretically there are spoilers in these, but I'd say the statute of limitations has long run out them.

How To Use: Credit if you take. Feel free to use blank ones as bases, but credit me if you do.

{16 Herbert West/Re-Animator}
{31 Weyoun/DS9}

Follow the fake cut...

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