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Freddy's dead...?

Am I the only one worried about this new Nightmare on Elm Street movie?

Freddy was my first introduction into the horror movie world and he became a faithful companion through the years, even if the quality of the movies varied; his contagious laugh never wavered!
Re-casting an icon villain like Fred is a brave decision, but I'm wary.
A Freddy that is not Robert Englund is so wrong in so many ways, imo, but I'm trying to be happy that I got more than a few 'real' Kreuger movies to wallow in.
And something tells me they won't stick to the original plot either, just to really make it stick my craw...
Seen the trailer?
I have.
I do not have high hopes... (He now looks like a face-lift gone horribly wrong! *wail*)
Anyone else have an opinion?